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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of making a harmonious balance to enhance positive energy using yin and yang. Plants are important sources for Feng Shui for your home. The plants you choose should be conducive to a certain principle you are trying to attain. Feng Shui plants are good for purifying the air in your home. Clean, purified air is very important to help you breathe more easily. Some examples of purifying house plants.

Bamboo Palm, is good for removing harmful elements in the air such as benzene and formaldehyde.

English ivy is another great plant for air purification. This plant is pleasant to look at and is widely used. It removes most toxins in the air and is lovely to look at.

Dracaena is another plant helpful in air purification in the home. This plant, like ivy, removed most toxins. Other benefits of Dracaena are that it is easy to grow it and little light is required. This is a good plant to purchase if your home doesn’t get much sunlight. The Dracaena is a great plant to get if you have a busy lifestyle because it tolerates less care than other plants.

Lady Palm is the best plant to use for air purification. It too rids your home of harmful toxins. This is the most popular plant for Feng Shui and it is a relatively easy plant to take care of.

A Boston Fern is another popular plant for air purification. It is beautiful to look at and removes most air pollutants in your home. The question arises how to take care of a Boston fern. The Boston Fern also requires little care.

Air purification in your home is essential to healthy breathing and other plants are beneficial for this purpose. Good feng shui plants themselves can put both your body and mind at ease.

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