Ticks are among the few garden elements that are both attractive and simultaneously essential. Each house has a hedge fencing which delimits it to the outside and the neighboring properties. Evergreen fencing protects against wind and ensures that no debris from the road is blown into the garden. It forms a natural wall of plants and ensures privacy in the green oasis

Green fence

Fence hedge itself for years for those who want to give a green border your garden or want to garden parts disappear. It consists of stable grid elements, which may be covered with different plants. Therefore, they are particularly slim and require little space. The evergreen landscaping ideas are more hardy ivy.

The garden is by far not the only application green fence. They can be used anywhere in the short term and reliably where privacy is desired or to be somewhat obscure. Smoking terraces, garages for dumpsters, bike racks, parking spaces, corners of compost or garden devices can disappear behind a green wall. Just the atmosphere around carports, terraces, and pools can be greatly improved.

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Hedge landscape design

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