Patios are usually outdoor spaces that are used for dining or recreational purposes. You can easily make your patio into your private lounging place, or as an entertaining base for your friends and family, without spending too much. You will find how to decorate your patio as cheaply as possible in this article. Seating This is one of the most important, if not the most important part of your patio. You need to turn an outdoor enclosed courtyard relaxing and comfortable for you and your guests. Here are some ideas Consider the size of your patio before you buy any furniture. Add some cushions in bright colors. This is the perfect way to make your old chairs and recliners useful. If possible use your indoor chairs – paint them and get them ready for your patio.

While buying furniture, wicker or plastic is OK. But if you want to go for a long term investment purchase wood or metal furniture. A hammock is a great idea if you want to laze around in the summer, or just read a book. It will make you have a relaxing day at your patio. Do not let the furniture dominate the patio, keep it cozy at the same time spacious. Greenery Adding plants and flowers is the cheapest and easiest way to decorate a bare patio. They will provide much-needed color, and give life to the area. If the space is limited, hanging plants are the best option, otherwise, you can also put a picket fence in your patio and allow creepers, vines, and other such plants to grow on them. This will hardly take up any space and make your patio look wonderful. Hanging flower baskets on your patio will make it look very pretty. Plant a herb garden if a flower or vegetable garden is not possible, it can be used while cooking as well.

Lighting up your patio will make it ready for evening parties. If an electrical outlet is provided for your patio, make use of it. It may seem a little weird to bring out the Christmas lights in summer, but it will give your patio a beautiful look in the evenings. If you are unable to put up lights, candles will have the same effect. These are a much cheaper alternative to outdoor lighting. Hanging up fancy lanterns from tree branches or planter hooks is also a very stylish and affordable way to brighten up your patio. Flooring The variety for a patio floor is endless – stone, wood, brick, concrete, tiles, etc. The price range is also endless, keep in mind how you can maximize the area to the fullest, within your budget. It does not matter whether your patio is big or small.

The flooring can do the job of making a small patio seem spacious and big. Real stones are quite expensive, but they last for ages. Whereas concrete, tiles, etc are cheap but require good maintenance. Make sure you get the right flooring to make your patio last longer and not just look good. View To make the patio feel like home and reconnect with nature, make sure nothing is blocking your view. There should be nothing out of place in your patios such as a garage or a shed. This will spoil the effect of the patio.

Add The Extras You patio can have an outdoor grill, some cheap statues, or tall grass. Bring out the indoor decorations that can be kept outside and will not rust or rot in the outdoors. This way you are bringing some class and decor to your patio. If your budget permits, add a small fountain, or a pond and make this the main focus in the patio. Privacy This is mandatory for every patio. Small or big, make it as private as possible, so that you feel at home. You can buy a private fence, or add some private screens. It will change the entire look of your patio.

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