Interior Door Design  

Doors are an essential design element. They shape the spaces and determine, together with the establishment of their character. The range of different styles, materials, and designs is wide, so that for every taste is catered for.  

 Demand is currently also natural optics in wood. Therefore, to the door, there are not necessarily completely from this material. More commonly, to0, a 6 mm thick veneer pad is mounted only on the outer sides. Outwardly, the two versions are almost not to LDAP art. Another possibility coming as the outermost layer is a cheap and easy-care laminate film or question with a wooden decor. The latter can be additionally provided with a structure, that is indistinguishable at first glance from his grown model. At the uniform grain, however, an attentive observer recognizes that it is not a natural product.   


Versatile Design  

Laminates, as you know well of kitchen worktops are very durable and extremely diverse. They are prepared by pressing several layers of paper with melamine resin. The top layer of paper determined with its printing surface appearance. Besides the above-mentioned wood imitations, there are different color schemes and designs. The imagination thanks to the printing technology in principle no limits.  

Furthermore – as also in wood-insert made of stainless steel or natural stone and glazed panels of glass möglich. Laminate can be divided into two types: CPL and HPL. Are manufactured in a so-called high-pressure process and are even the toughest requirements. In general, both variants are characterized by high resistance to mechanical loads. They are also easy to clean and maintain their beauty, because they are non-fading, over many years.  


 Light conditions Clear vision, if desired  

A classic in the glass is. It brings light into dark hallways, granted in the clear variant perspective and preserves in the milky white version privacy. Also, many different Satinierungen, decors, and colors are available. More design options with laser technology decorated glass elements and internal photo films. A new development is doors with switchable glass. Here, the glass element can be switched by pressing a button from transparent to milky white.  

With glass doors sho usual ways are safety glass to minimize the risk of injury. 2 types are toughened safety glass (ESG) of a single, specially heat-treated plate, which has an increased impact and wears and disintegrates into countless small and therefore harmless splinters in case of emergency. 

In laminated safety glass (LSG), 2 flat glass panes are connected by a tear-resistant and tough elastic film that binds the fragments in case of breakage. Besides, it can score with significantly higher sound insulation.  

Lastly, still, be mentioned painted door panels. They open up the full range of RAL colors and bring more options for the color scheme of the living room. Currently popular are white and pastel shades like light gray, cream-white or beige. Combined with dark floors and furniture, and colored painted walls can thus create exciting contrasts. But not only the color and material characterize the interior, and size( upto the ceiling, two-leaf), flush with the wall construction or form details so chas the door rebate, the classic cassette, and glass cut-outs make doors true design artist? 


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