From a bamboo garden designs water trickles, stream murmurs, a path winds seemingly endless past moss-covered stones and carefully raked gravel surfaces: Japanese Gardens have a very special atmosphere – dominated by minimalism and the aesthetics that produce cleverly crafted shrubs. For these elements to merge into a harmonious whole, we need a professional garden designer. And of course, you can also make parts of an area following it. Because the land of the rising sun of the land is scarce and therefore expensive, the Japanese have become specialists when it comes to the design of small areas. A few square meters is enough Typical elements of a Japanese garden are harmonically joined ensembles of individual herbaceous perennials, Japanese garden plants, shrubs and stones, a small water surface – perhaps home to some Kois – roughly paved paths or even a small bridge and Japanese garden bench. In but one should not be fooled: small is not easy to maintain japan landscape design. To get the whole picture, you must keep the plant in shape – hence the illusion of a miniature landscape remains. And that should do professionals. The expert, therefore, recommends instructing even in specialists with the pruning. Because Japan’s similar climatic conditions have as central Europe, are nearly all plants belonging there to the garden image, also in Germany used.

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