Modern staircases design

Not always is the positioning of the stairs directly in the living area of advantage. A separate staircase then recommended, for instance, if the floor is to be used, without that anyone who comes and goes, is equal under observation. Teenage and adult children will appreciate that. But even when the top is a building, one ensures better for a separate, self-contained way up. A separated by doors staircase also offers more protection against noise arising when walking.

Open staircases from the basement to the roof can cause chimney effects and drafts. Besides, the floor plan plays a role: Stairs need more space, but they are comfortable to walk and to the relevant version appear very representative. Podiums act generously, however, you write the Accident Research may fall off too. Also very popular is the quarter-turn form with their versatile design options, since the coiling can be located either in the presence or in the outlet. The most widely used, the half-turn type. Because it can save space. Spiral staircases are visually attractive, though not as easy to walk, especially with a small diameter.

Depending on the shape and width takes a staircase more or less a surface. Desire with about twelve square meters the most space. Possibly can in the slope underneath a storage room or rack accommodate. Opposing copies with landing settle for about eight square meters. Spindle and semi- and quarter spiral staircases need about six to ten square meters.

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