I want a pool in my backyard

Bathing in your garden, the dream of many homeowners. If you can work for nature, you can achieve it without any chemical intervention.

To guarantee the natural pool untroubled bathing fun, easy use is made of nature. How exactly? In a conventional swimming pond, approximately half of the area is the plant on and reserved under the water. With the help of a balanced plant-mix, this biotope ensures that the water of the pond other half remains clear and hygienically safe. The embankments and the entry into the cool water will be properly planned. The best thing separates the clarifying, oxygen-supplying biotope very clearly from the pool from – and combines both only with properly sized pipes. These can be hidden under a boardwalk for example, which is also a good entry into the cool water.

In contrast to the swimming area of nature, the area should be divided into different sections. The reason: Aquatic plants pose different demands in their respective locations. A basic distinction between swamps and floating plants. During wish tend rarely are flooded former, the latter is dependent on specific, easily digestible for them water depths. According to the profile of this pond, the section must be designed.


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