What is kitchen?

The kitchen is a separate room with dining all in one kitchenette unit it was completely detached from the open living-kitchen-dining concept.

Open or closed kitchen?

No matter which option is preferred, the kitchen is no longer a long time only a work area for cooking. Rather, it stands for conviviality and well-being. With modern high-end kitchens, they even become a status symbol.

In everyday practice, the interior designing concepts of the closed kitchen had proven over generations, and it worked on a few square meters: Because for comfort, there is no prescribed size. And all trend followers and early adopters can be revealed: With closed kitchen games in a few years probably upfront with! In the trendy districts of Berlin to Barcelona, the trend is already turning: You sit there again in the kitchen – with a wall in the back. The separated kitchen with the dining area can be just like the wall-less solution again today in all the latest styles and sizes implement. Contemporary, elegant, super-modern, loft kitchens ideas. Everyone according to his preference…

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