Who arranges the kitchen areas or “zones” by the workflows functional and ergonomic ball, saves time and effort and get a good mood. These zones – which are available in every kitchen – consist of “Stockpile” for food, “store” for dishes, the area “cooking and baking” including storage of cooking utensils and pots and “flushing” in connection with cleaning materials and waste.

A systematic study of the own needs and habits in the planning phase helps to realize a well-zoned and working kitchen in practice. For example, one possible way – through to the dining area – sketch and so find the optimum for the plan furnishing solution. Add to that the size adjustment. Kitchen furniture and appliances are indeed standardized in width, but the height of the work surface should not the standard size of about 85 centimeters correspond, but can be individually adapted to the person who works most often in the kitchen.

There are even height-adjustable countertops, which can be especially if the kitchen of residents of very different sizes is used. The determination of the mounting height of wall units should be done depending on the height of the user and the height and depth of the worktop. The less you have to bend the better: devices like oven, steamer, even dishwashers are increasingly installed at eye level to conserve the back and so to make the household chores.

A cabinet is a cabinet is a cabinet? That is no longer true for a long time. Kitchen furniture outfitted with stylish fronts, simultaneously take maximum content neatly and retrievable on. Base cabinets are mostly equipped with excerpts, partially in excess width. You do not just look with the fashionable emphasis on the horizontal “what her”, but are also easy to use and to overlook the very back. Pharmacy design features in high cabinets allow easy viewing and reordering of supplies. There are cabinets with both sides swiveling chairs and electric opening support, corner cabinets with rotating, pivoting or pulling system and various opening possibilities for wall cupboards.

For a trend to make the device as smooth and integrated as possible, it fits well, “suitcases” cabinets too. That they form a unit with the wall, in which they are flush mounted. All the essentials reduce appear a floating kitchenette, the continuous floor makes the room feel even larger. Almost anything seems possible, you only have to choose – consists perhaps the biggest challenge when planning a kitchen. And the budget also has to play along. But fortunately, builders have always deadlines. This could help in the decision.

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