Lumber, park or just loved – the space under the stairs is often neglected. But he is still too small, too dark, too tight? Сreate amazing, innovative and individual solutions. Provide storage space, organize your closet. 

The classic solution is to use as storage space – as an additional closet, as a “pantry” or what else happy times resteth for anything in the way. Customized unit and shelving systems provide full while the space yield. So it has a bookshelf with different sized compartments a suitable place for beautiful things. Strong, bright colors in the furniture value judgments on the darkest corner under the stairs and act as a focal point. Clou: Behind a scrollable narrow shelf hiding additional storage space!

More space

Following the motto “Brag”. Does it per se, can be the space under the stairs and the same fully incorporate the concept of living. The kitchen blends wonderfully, creating more workspace. Customized wall cabinets complete this solution.

A beautiful retreat

Strong colors give the little corner under the stairs is a cozy, modern atmosphere and beautiful accents. Desk and shelves are enough – just who has little space available can create a beautiful work here. Important in any case is optimum illumination!

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